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EVT Educational Pathways

Estill Voice Training is a worldwide standardized voice model, where the common goal is to keep the highest quality and understanding in educating newcomers in this method. We strive to educate to a level, which can be respected both technically, methodically and scientifically. How can you qualify yourself for being tested to a certain EVT certification ? 

The basic courses - Level One +Level Two are minimum requirements for any testing! You must find a mentor (a Certified Course Instructor, CCI, with Testing Privileges), who can guide you through your educational pathway, which in most cases will be individual. Then you can make a pathway depending on your background, skills and interests. Depending on the level of education, we test applicants both by acoustic computer programs, written and oral exams and furthermore teaching observations in public courses or in private studios.  

1. EFP (Estill Figure Proficiency)

In the first computertest, EFP, you demonstrate, you can do all 13 Figures and 6 Voice Qualities in the EVT Model  - and it is not a certification - it is a proof, that you are capable of demonstrating all elements in the EVT model. The test takes approx. 1½ -2 hours. You can be tested by any CCI for this level. The conditions for this level of testing are 1-2 level One + level Two courses at least. The CFP is a good option for testing and improving your skills as a singer and performer.

2. EMT (Estill Master Teacher)

The first level of certification is the Estill Master Trainer (EMT). This certification focuses on educating clever Estill teachers. You need a EMCI with Testing Privileges (TP) for this level of certification. This examination consists of:

Phase 1: written test in physiology, anatomy and acoustics + a good general understanding of the research based Estill model and terminology as such. The exams take approx. ½ day and after passing this, you become a CMT-candidate. 

Phase 2: Supervision by your mentor and other CCI´s in teaching the EVT curriculum in parts of a public course setting or in a private studio at least 2 Level One + Two courses. The average time for becoming certified master depends again on the background, but normally 3 -5 years from beginning your EVT studies. Requirements for starting a CMT process are: level One + two courses accomplished twice + recommended Advanced courses to develop skills & preparation courses for certification and a CFP-test.

3. EMCI (Estill Mentor & Course Instructor)

The last level of certification is the Estill Mentor & Course Instructor, which can only be achieved after being an EMT for some time to obtain greater understanding of the whole EVT model, which requires a certain knowledge within anatomy, physiology, acoustics, research, etc.

For testing at this level you need 2 EMCI´s with (TP adv.) for doing the written(multiple choice) & oral exam - And the applicant must have achieved some experience from teaching the EVT model for some time, before heading for the CCI level. After passing the exams the candidate is required to assist presenting the course in order to become a CCI - being supervised by the mentor and other CCI´s. This part of the education can easily take from 1 -2 years depending on opportunities to assist with several EMCI´s with (TP).

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Estill Voice Training

My Mentor, Jo Estill, and I in Orlando, Florida, USA - 2005 at the Second Estill World Voice Symposium.