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Level 2 Course

When you are familiar with the 13 structures learned in the Lev 1 Course you can proceed to learn and understand each of the six Voice Qualities in Lev 2.

Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera & Belting.

Each Voice Quality has it´s own "recipe" - combination of Figures from Level 1. All qualities are based on research, and defined by physiology, acoustics, perception, etc. When you know how to produce the Voice Qualities you get the opportunity of applying them to your singing in different styles without compromising your vocal health. With the EVT Voice Qualities, you achieve more colours to express and vary your speaking/ singing and you gain more power. 

Estill Voice Training™ is useful for everyone! It is a practical strategy for singers, actors, executives, teachers, professional speakers, voice therapists — everyone with a voice!

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