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Voice Center Westmark is led by the Danish singer/pianist/composer and voice teacher, Helga Søsted Westmark, who offers courses and education in the innovative American Voice Model, Estill Voice Training (EVT)

Helga Westmark has 30 years of experience as a voice teacher with EVT. She was educated by the founder of EVT, the American researcher and voice teacher, Jo Estill, who came to Denmark from 1991 -2000. Helga Westmark is certified as Estill Mentor & Course Instructor and has Advanced Testing Privileges & Service Distinctions due to her long experience with EVT. She is educating and testing many newcomers in this unique voice technique all over Europe.  

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New Courses

Introductory Workshop

Short introduction to EVT.
Read more and sign up here.

Level 1 Course

13 Basic Figures for Voice Control.
 Read more and sign up here

Level 2 Course

Six Voice Qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Belting & Opera. 
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Belting Workshop

Explore this exciting & powerful Voice Quality. Read more and sign up here

Advanced Workshops

Follow-up courses developing your EVT skills. Read more and sign up here

What students say

Bo Rosenkul, Opera singer, Sweden

With great warmth, accuracy and intuition, Helga leads the group and demonstrates EVT herself with enormous clarity! 

Isabelle Flachsmann, musical singer, Switzerland

Finally singing is making sense to me!

Philipp Godart, popsinger, Germany 

EVT gave me a toolbox to make my job as a singer far more easy!