Helga Westmark


Music education:

1967-77: Private piano education at classical pianist, Sigrid Bødker, Jelling. Dk 

1984-88: Graduated as a music teacher with a specialty in rhythmic singing (AM) from the Conservatory in Aarhus, Dk

1991-99: Education as a Master Teacher and Course Instructor with Jo Estill, American voice scientist, voice teacher and operasinger.

Helga Søsted has used the piano and her voice all the way through her musical life. Already as a young teenager, she started composing for different bands and the style varied from pop/rock, soul to jazz and blues. As she began her studies in the Conservatory in Aarhus, she became a part of the inspiring musical scene there and during the 80´s and 90´s her career as a musician and singer took flight and after moving to Copenhagen in 1990 she could improve and develop her talent even more in the current musical scene in Copenhagen.


Career as performer/singer:

1985 - 2024...

Helga Søsted has played a large number of concerts all over Denmark, Music halls, Jazzclubs, Danish Radio,  etc. in many different constellations of wellknown jazzmusicians, such as, Kasper Willaume, pia., Christina von Bülow, sax, Jørgen Emborg, pia., Pernille Bévort, sax, Peter Hansen, bass, Thomas Fonnesbæk, bass, Michael Sunding, pia., Martin Klausen, drums., Hugo Rasmussen, bass, Jesper Thilo, sax, Søren Kristiansen, piano., Henrik Bay, gui., Jacob Fischer, gui., Christian Vuust, sax, Jens Søndergård, sax, etc.
She is still active as a jazzsinger and is performing, when ever there is time to arrange concerts....Furthermore she is releasing a third CD - Circle of Sun in March 2018.


Created the mini musical, Heavy Metal, together with the American tapdancer and singer, Michael Sandwick. Helga composed several songs for this play, which took place in Allégade 10 in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen


Started the vocal & showbiz trio, Dirty Dolls, from Aarhus, together with the student colleague, Jette Torp. The Trio toured around in Denmark and Greenland in this period and made several TV-shows with for instance Jarl F. Mikkelsen, "Oppe I privaten" and cabaret with Finn Nørbygaard, another Danish stand-up comedy, etc.

In the same period of time, she created a rockpop band with the Danish Royal violinist, Kim Sjøgren. She also worked on an album of her pop/rock songs in the early 90´s in cooperation with Kim Sagild (gui. & producer) at EMI, but for various reasons it wasn´t released.  






   Music is life & life is music 

        Music is a life long commitment

               - like being in love!