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Helga Søsted

Helga Søsted   - singer/pianist and composer – has sung both traditional and more modern jazz – and has developed her talent as a singer and composer during the last 40 years or more in relations with different backings of professionel musicians. She graduated from the Conservatory in Aarhus in 1988 and was at that time involved also with showbiz, which brought her through many TV- shows and concerts all over Denmark. She has performed all kinds of genres like pop/soul, jazz/blues and musical, as a pianist and singer. She has worked with famous Danish jazzmusicians such as, Jørgen Emborg (piano), Jacob Fischer(guitar), Pernille Bévort (sax), Jesper Thilo (sax), Hugo Rasmussen (bass), and more international stars as Dena DeRose, pia./vocalist, USA and Heinrich van Kalnein, sax, Austria!

Helga´s own music can be characterized as vocal jazzfusion, somewhere between jazz, blues, soul/pop and latin. Catchy melodies are typical for her songs with nice groovy backings. Read more about her music career under Biography!



Music composed by Søsted

"I Close My Eyes" - released 2000
"Blue Green" -         released 2004
"Circle of Sun" -       released 2018  

All CD's are released on Music Mecca, Dk
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Music career & biography 

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Latest concert at Café Divino, Dk,

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