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Helga Westmark, Singer/Pianist & Voice teacher

Helga Westmark has more than 25 years of experience as a singer and voice teacher. She graduated from the Conservatory in Aarhus, Dk 1988 as a singer and pianist. Furthermore she has a degree in pedagogy & psychology from a previous education. She has taught voice and singing on all levels since the 1980´s - in Music schools, Theatre schools and Conservatories and has also a long experience with rehabilitating disordered voices in cooperation with Phoniatrician, Dr. Svend Prytz in Copenhagen.

During the 90´es she studied Estill Voice Training with the Founder, Jo Estill, and already in her early years with EVT, she began teaching and inspiring newcomers in this unique and innovative EVT model. After becoming a Certified Course Instructor in 1999, she has experienced the value of this innovative and professional voice method through a large number of courses in many countries in Europe ( Dk, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland). Today she is one of the Course Instructors in the world with the longest experience within EVT. Due to her great experience Helga has testing privileges advanced, which makes her capable of educating and certifying newcomers to all levels of EVT, Master Teacher and Course Instructor.  

Since the early eighties she has performed as a musician/composer and singer in showbiz and pop-jazz bands all over Denmark and additionally done several TV-shows and programs.

She has released 2 CD´s as composer and singer: “I Close My Eyes”, 2000 and “Blue Green” 2004. Read more about her career as a professional singer and musician on

Being a vocal coach all over Europe, Helga works with a great variety of voices and genres of music – from pop/rock, jazz and soul to musical and opera - her skills as a pianist are also given high priority in inspiring her students.


.Certified Course Instructor with Testing Privileges and Service Distinction        Certified Master Teacher

 Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Advanced Testing Privileges  & Service Distinctions!

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My Mentor, Jo Estill, and I in Orlando, Florida, USA - 2005 at the Second Estill World Voice Symposium.